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  • Donations For Studio & Magazine Project
    Donations For Studio & Magazine Project

    Recently I read an article from Psychology Today which talked about the postive impact art theraphy has on children who have been through some kind of child trauma, as often they're able to release the negative impacts of the trauma through use of creating art. To read the article please click here.

    Over the years of working with young offenders and young people in general in many cases where they can be described as coming from a disadvantaged background, I too have seen how art helps them get over traumatic events. As I've seen time and time again when I've taken a young person to a studio session and they create songs that are so deep in what they talk about in regards to what they've been through they make me have to look up and take note.

    "I remember watching my mother get beat up, had me sitting down feeling all worthless"
    "Only 14 yet they gave me half of 14"

    If I go through my memory banks I'm sure I could think up a book of lyrics from young people as they talked on there personal struggles, now some people may say that music especially UK rap/ drill promotes a negative stereotype, whilst there may be some truth to this, it's also true that this music is a real description of some of these young people lifestyles, with or without music they would live this lifestyle, please believe me when I say that. But I have sen the positives come from when young people and create music from there truths, I've seen personally some go on to create clothing brands, become artists or use it as a platform for inspiring other young people.

    Back in 2009 I was running a project called the 4TY project which involved getting young people to interview artists who were popular on the time and teaching them how to edit the interviews with professional software and gaining accreditation for there work. At the time the project was extremely popular where I was even invited with the young people to put on a show for Oxjam where we put together a fashion show showcasing culture (Pictures will be below). Unfortunately I stopped running it as funding dried up and if I'm to be honest at the time I just wasn't experienced enough on how to run a organisation and keep it going through all situations. However during my 8 years away from the project I carried on gathering more experience and building more partnerships where now I believe it's time to relaunch the youth project, especially in a time when so many opportunities for youth have been closed down or are have faced serious funding cuts.

    With this project I will get right back to my creative routes so that each week young people will be able to come into a studio and express themselves in a safe environment through music. The long term goals of this will be that we create a collage of content so images, art, there lyrics and put it into a magazine. Through distribution of this magazine we'll than be able to showcase there art to an even wider audience. This will than lead into me inviting other creatives, entrepreneurs and knowledgeable people in the world of art to come and give talks with these young people so that they get even deeper insights into whats really out there.
    By you donating to this it goes a long way in creating a long term platform for young people that'll give them a solid foundation to build on.

    This project will run once a week for 3 to 4 hours per day, and the cost of this is estimated to be roughly £180 per session. If your able to donate I thank you or if your able to give your time or resources please feel free to get in touch with me via

    Thanks for any help you can give


    Young people at studio interviewing artists

    Industry expert coming down to give a talk to young people on how they can become successful artists and entrepreneurs

    From our Fashion show we put on for Oxfam

    In the media

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