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    Donations For Studio & Magazine Project

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    Recently I read an article from Psychology Today which talked about the positive impact art therapy has on children who have been through some kind of child trauma, as often they're able to release the negative impacts of the trauma through use of creating art. To read the article please click here.

    For the 10+ years, I've spent working with young people in care and those just released from prison or close to going prison, I too have seen how art helps them get through traumatic events. As something I've seen time and time again when taking young people to the studio is how often they will write lyrics that give deep insights into their world, making it possible for me to start conversations about how they're feeling and what can be done to change how they're feeling.

    The music studio for many of our young people seems to be the safe place where they will go when they want to get away from it all, as I can recall, a real sad situation of when a young person had been taken into care due to ongoing issues at home, and when at school he'd been playing up and not engaging, he would still want to come to the studio. While I can give countless stories of young people who refuse to go college, refuse to get up in the mornings but when it comes to the 4TY studio project their attendance is impeccable, and often we're able to steer their thinking into the direction of attending school as we'll say, "Maybe going college for music or English classes will help you become a greater artist as you'll get."
    4TY was steemed from my real desire in wanting to bring change and opportunities for young people who come from difficult and troubling backgrounds, as I can personally relate to those feelings.

    So with that being said working with a small team, the 4TY project is fully up and running as every Thursday we run a music studio project from Loxford youth center where we work with young people at risk, or already involved in services like youth offending and social services.
    We are also in the process of developing the much loved Red Light Busking - (Please click here to view) into a long term and sustainable project that will be a direct route for young people on the studio project becoming paid performers for the Red Light Busking event.

    What you're £5 donation will be used for is in keeping the studio project Free and open for the countless young people who are referred on to our project weekly as it's believed 4TY will be a great deterrent to them ending up in bad situations.
    And your donation will also be used in not only running a Red Light Busking project where young people will be shown how to film and edit movie quality type footage all with the simplicity of their smartphones, but will go to the greater project of turning Red Light Busking into a self-sustainable project that creates opportunities for young people by bringing work and gig opportunities to them in the creative fields.

    Thanks for any help you can give


    Young person recording music at our studio project based in Loxford Youth Center

    Young people at studio interviewing artists

    From our Fashion show we put on for Oxfam

    Footage from our Red Light Busking event
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