It Takes A community To Raise A Child For Better Or For Worse
David Anglin | Marketer Extraordinaire!


The inspiration behind it takes a community to raise a child.

Growing up I was brought up by both my mother and father. Two so completely different characters that looking at it with a mature mind. I can't think how it was ever suppose to work. You see my mother was/is a straight academic, in fact she's a doctorate in chemistry, so as you can imagine to achieve things like that you have to be super focused keeping away from all of life's ill's and temptations.
My dad on the other hand was a larger than life character and i actually mean larger than life. During the time of my dad being alive in our local area you would know who my dad was. With his natty long dread locks and immense size and temperament you would know him. From spending a lot of his life behind bars and starting that life at the age of just 15. He really did leave an illustrious life, having a part in all of the temptations and ills life had to offer.

Though in there own right my parents had a great influence on me. The person I've become as an adult is not just solely due to them. As I can say I've had the luck and i actually really mean luck to often been able to learn from great people ranging from such wide backgrounds. I've learned from street legends and vicious gangsters. Entrepreneurs and those who've had millions. Grand masters of the martial arts but more importantly fathers and inspirational characters. Strong women with indomitable determination as they bring up their children in the roughest settings.

What I've realised as I've got older is the experience i learned from these great people has been priceless. As their thoughts and ideologies have helped to shape my own, but the most important thing they done was shown me there's a world outside what i use to think was the world. There's a whole wide world outside of my borough of Waltham Forest that is full of potential and opportunities for great experiences that will push the boundaries of the human learning experience.
The only reason i was allowed to realise this is that the community, people who are not related to me by blood, took a chance with me. Took a chance and gave me the opportunity to learn from them and allowed me to grow into the person before you.
Believe me a community raises a child for better or for worse, whether we choose to except it or not. This is facts.
The other facts is theirs young folk out there who could learn greatly from your experiences.


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