written by David Anglin

300 Words Short Story - In Love With Snow White

300 Words Short Story - In Love With Snow White

It’s crazy he just spent a big £50 on me. Little old me. He knows he can’t really afford me. He sure as hell knows I’m not the purest. But here I am wrapped in plastic. Being unwound, being undressed. Touched by those thick fingers.
How dare his wife watch us like that. Judging.
She never could understand him like I do. Make him feel like I do. That’s why he comes back. Time after time. Hit after hit.
She can’t arouse him like me. How can she? When I burn with passion gripping his very soul. He does what I say. Speaks when I say. Sometimes I feel him resisting… wanting release from me. But I caress his mind with my scent. Remind him how good I am. How good we are. We kiss. He inhales my aroma. Mine to control.

I feed his mind I feed his soul. My will is his, and I say nothing shall get in between our bliss. Not his mum, not his wife not even little Daniel.
Punch her! Yeah she had it coming. She needs to show proper respect to me. She may be his wife, but I’m his Snow White. I told her already not to judge us, not to get in the way of us. Now look at her. On the bloody floor crying. Crying cause her tooth’s knocked out. Screaming that I’m messing up his mind. But I warned her I’m in control. Little Daniel best pipe down too. Or he’ll get what she got, but times two. Son or no son

They just don’t understand our love. Our passion. It’s infatuation. I give him life. I’m his fix to life. His £50 fix. So let them cry, but you and me we’re meant to be.

- The war on drugs...

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