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Art History Vol.5 - To Every Action There's An Equal Reaction

Art History Vol.5 - To Every Action There's An Equal Reaction

Art History

I remember when I was young and my dad would say, “you mustn’t spit into the wind, because it’ll come back and land on you.” Nowadays often I wonder how much simpler society would be if we took time to listen and heed the advice from those with more experience than us.
Back in 2008/ 2009 when the first austerity measures hit, many of us who worked within the social care realm repeatedly said that nothing good will come from these drastic cutbacks. As to cut services is one thing, but to leave nothing in its place, that then becomes a crisis waiting to happen.
During 2011 London saw riots that over 3 days brought it to its knees, right or wrong a statement was being made. Right or wrong a man showed how dangerous he becomes when hungry…
In 2018 those in power still don’t seem to heed the words of warning from those in need. So here we have it, where again London is gripped in another downward spiral of violence. Gripped in hopelessness from the ground up as many struggle with the basics of just putting food on their table, of keeping a roof over their head.
But through the despair, I still believe there’s hope and I believe this hope starts with education, not the formal education of schools and colleges, but the education that gives a person the knowledge base and foundation to achieve globally. While millions starve each day, thousands become richer each day, as they have been educated on the knowledge of wealth creation
Guess it’s like the saying goes Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

I’d like to lastly big up the staff and volunteers of Ilford’s Food Bank and Food Banks in general. As they gave me great insights into just how priceless their work is during these turbulent times…

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