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Art History Vol.6 - Loa Of Life - Flexibility & Mobility

Art History Vol.6 - Loa Of Life - Flexibility & Mobility

Art History

Over the years I've been told of many stories on spirituality, some stories I based on the darker aspects of it and how some will use it for selfish gains (the idea of what goes around comes around) while other stories I've heard of are for using it as a source of light during times of need. Of being in tune with nature to build up your inner spirit. Whatever the reasons I've always interested in spirituality and how it connects to other parts of our life.

This interest over the last month or so has had me working on a character (I'm taking time to slowly develop.) But during my own research I came across a youtube video on the history of Voudun (Voodoo) through a lady called Professor Bayyinah Bello, it was a complete eye opener well not a compete one as I've had my own thoughts on this for a very long time. But what she went on to explain is that much of what is understood of Voudun is a great misrepresentation which is only made worse through popular media. When the true ideology behind it is similar to much of the other major religions of the world which is, of doing good on to others.

What I found interesting is that the major teaching for Voudon is to build good character while creating a worth while society through the creation of opportunities for others. I'm sure this sounds a lot different to what you expected, here's another interesting thing, and something again I particular liked. So in Voudun you have 7 principes or Loa (Laws) of Life. Now the concept here is that for life to come forth there's a requirement of flexibility and mobility, now snakes are known to flourish in all environments whether its on land, in trees, underwater, or in harsh temperatures, due to there great adaptability they're able to survive in various terrains, and anyone who's lived any form of life will know if you're unable to adapt to your circumstances than its very likely you'll fall... This is why the snake represents the Loa of Life in Voudun as to showcase the flexibility required to get through all parts of life.

Whether right or wrong for my I believe it brings food for thought... If you'd like to have a look at the video I watched please click here.

The image above is my visualisation of the snake in Voudun.

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