written by David Anglin

Art History Vol.6 - The Battle Of Self

Art History Vol.6 - The Battle Of Self

Art History

The battle of self would be better described as a war on self, as battles in the context of things are brief skirmishes that last only as long as the willpower and stamina of the combatants allows. But a war, a war can last a lifetime, the wounds it leaves on the battle field having the potency to seep into the next generation.

That's why the battle of self is the most important battle we'll ever face. As to lose this battle is to lose in life, and like all wars propaganda is key. But usually we're our own propaganda machine, our own worse nightmare as how often will we tell ourselves that we're not good enough in this, or good enough for that. Each time chipping at our own self confidence each time turning the tide against ourselves in our personal battle. The stakes only rising higher.

As you only have to be observant and you'll see the consequences of when the battles truly lost and in its wake, sets in a depression so great, that everything that use to be unimaginable becomes an option. As it's now a way to get away from self, as self is no longer something you like...

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