written by David Anglin

Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Called Her

Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Called Her

My practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

He Called Her

She'd been on his mind all day, every moment awake he thought of only her. When his eyes would close for even just brief seconds, his mind generated vivid images of just her. Images that only helped increase his want of her, no his need of her.
He'd been waiting patiently for this moment, forcefully willing the hours of time to go by so that he could be free of this office box prison. Free to be left in his own comfort, within his own privacy so that finally he could call her.

No distractions. No interruptions.

Just the two of them, creating new memories, new ideologies though they were so far a part. Their words would act as their physical representation. Testing playfully, prodding willfully, speaking longingly. His mind had already worked out the direction of the conversation, a direction that he hoped would bring them together as one. One source one entity.

Yes she'd been on his mind all day, but right now as he looked at her number which was just a call button away he felt nervous. Physically represented as light perspiration glimmering along his forehead, his heart beating with a deeper thud a faster skip. Thumb now hovering over the call button in nervous shakes, anxiety now creeping in as he now knew that he knew not what to say...

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