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Daily Creative Writing Practice - 3D Printed [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - 3D Printed [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

3D Printed

He'd always been an old romantic at heart, he'd always loved the idea of gazing into eyes and instantly falling in love. That's why when he'd came across the advert for the website New Wife he'd instantly signed up. As he was ultimately searching for the sanctuary of marriage to bring purpose and stability to his life.

One of the first questions he was given from the simple interfaced website was what he expected from a woman, what her role would be to him as her man. He answered instantly, typed fluently as he knew exactly what he was looking for. He was simply looking for a wife, someone there for him, through thick and thin. Someone who'd kiss him upon his forehead while wrapping him in soothing arms as he came in from a stressful day. But someone who'd also greet him with a sensual kiss, a mischievous grin, while running hands over the curves of her see through negligee.

He grinned a wide grin lost monetarily in the life of a happy marital bliss. A life he'd been seeking for so long, working extra long hours as a coder to save enough income so that he could fully provide and cater to all the requirements of a soon to be wife.

Like an excited teenager he went through more questions of what a perfect wife would be clicking yes to the idea of soft spoken, clicking yes to the idea of motivating and clicking yes to the idea of a high sex drive. He laughed at the question which for him was so obvious.
When he came to the next question, he thought a little bit longer. As it had asked what nationality would he like the future wife to be. He clasped his hands together over the smooth white desk that took up the whole side of the simple bedroom. This was a question he'd been thinking about for the longest while, but had been stuck on, deliberating between an Afro Latino or a south Asian. As he thought about it harder though he decided on the Afro Latino as he'd loved the look since he could remember, he'd loved the strength in their strides and the power in there posture, and hearing the speech blended with Spanish brought flutters to his heart... and groin. So he choose Afro Latino and was shown a small hologram of potentials. The grin on his face grew even wider.

He carried on through the questions at a quicker pace. He was eager, his heart yearning now with a passion for his wife. He'd been single for way too long, as he'd spent all his time dedicated to coding, dedicated to creating lines of information that would power the decentralized world. The world where all could do and be as they please without fear of being watched without fear of being tracked without fear of being stopped.
In that coming world he was considered a king, a person who's one comment would spark months of debates and sometimes violent clashes from his dedicated followers who were cult like in protecting his everything. But away from that, away from the screens, a way from the profile id's, he was a lonely man. A man who through dedicating so much to code had lost the basics of social skills at times and had him as the quiet one in the corner during cam group meetings.

His close friends who knew him well all said the same thing, that it was time for him to find a wife who could bring him out from his shell. Though he laughed them off and told them in foul humour to mind there business. He knew in his heart of heart that they were right. So quietly he planned. Sacrificing his time so that he could reach the stage that would allow him to take his place in society with his lawfully wedded wife.

He came to the last question and saw the choice of synthetic or natural. Finding a natural wife would cost him a further 10,000 Wife Coins, a lot of money. But he'd been saving up for so long, and he wouldn't cut no costs when it came to love, when it came to marriage. So he added on the natural wife bringing his total to a cost of 35000 Wife Coins. He made a deposit through his universal wallet.
And watched as the message of thanks for your Payment we've now received the 20 required confirmations scrolled across his display. He was next greeted with a screen of a human sized printer that had a multitude of organic substances leading into it from immaculately clean pipes. He watched as the printer filled slowly with these organic materials layer by layer. He was next shown an image of his beautiful, beautiful wife. With the message that she'll be delivered within a day.
He smiled as his life was soon to be bliss.

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash



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