written by David Anglin

Daily Creative Writing Practice - Adam Begat Cain (Poetic Words)

Daily Creative Writing Practice - Adam Begat Cain (Poetic Words)

My practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

I met her on my lonely planet
in a vast space,
Bewitching like the hours of 3.
Filled with benevolent ghosts, haunting my not so distant past.
I was conjured as a spirit
the missing ingredient of consent spawned me,
as a seedling to a world of ills.
She found me enraged,
a soldier for hell on earth.
Red streaks spiraling through the air as a Shepard’s warning,
for all in doubt to the nature of what I am.
Non-believers soon became believers.
Though she.
She stood firm,
she battled my rage
with her love.

To my dark spawn, she was heaven sent.
Releasing me as a black dove, bearing a branch,
with the possibility of new life,
of a better world.
As mine had been consumed by hate for so long.

With a leap of great faith,
she climbed my twisted branch with love,
and as a gardener tended my thorns
which pricked her,
knocking her into a deep slumber.
An excuse for old habits…
She awoke with me consumed by others.

Past poison caught up
as twins brown and white,
who wrapped me in a ménage a troi.
I was caught in lust.
Swirling my tongue around a toxic hole,
inhaling fumes released from their heat.
My mind traveled galaxies,
but my body stood still.

She brought me back from the brink
beating upon my weak chest in frustrations.
Her heavenly kinetics,
pulsed me with life.
Blessings of tear water
fell upon my face,
now withdrawn and slim.
Washing away deadly sins,
though the price had been great.
As to save the worse of me,
she exchanged the best of she
and a diamond that shone bright
now became dim.

She fought my battle of self
as she believed in me.
So our lower chakras aligned.
Barren land became fertilized.
The expression of our love
crossed over.
The feelings from her love
passed over.
I attempted to reach over
in sacrifice of life,
but failed.
Like before
all was lost.
You see I found love
like none before,
but lost my love, like none after.
So you were named as Cain
as a reminder
of when love hurts.



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About The Writer

In my day to day work, I've spent close to 10 years working with some of London's most extreme young offenders. Working with them tirelessly in trying to create real opportunities for them, while trying to bring stability to the chaos that can be their world at times. I don't even call this work, as this is something I love doing, and thankfully my passion for it has helped many of these young people into much brighter circumstances.
If you'd like for me to give a talk to your class in regards to the issues that surround these young people or require consultancy for dealing with these young people then please feel free to get in contact.

Publications In Media

Made In Shoreditch Magazine 2018

Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019

Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019


Speaking Presentations

UCL University Of London - Institute Of Education February 2019
Course entitled Criminal Journeys: The Individual and the Environment run by Prof Jane Hurry and Dr David Maguire. I Gave an in depth talk to students on the issues surrounding young people involved in crime.

The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Black History Month events - spoke on my organisation and how we help troubled young people reach there full potential please click here

No Knives Better Lives
Knife crime meeting held by Redbridge Youth Councillor Hannah Chowdhry please click here to view

Youth Violence Conference
Sat on a panel for City Gate's serious youth violence summit please click here

The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea- Unison Fundraiser for Black History Month
Recited one of my short stories as part of the event please click here to view


In partnership with Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture event, won a grant out of 160 applicants to put on an artistic event called Red Light Busking click here

My creative blog on fatherhood www.daddieslovetheirdaughters.com 



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