written by David Anglin

Daily Creative Writing Practice - God's Seed [Poetic Words]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - God's Seed [Poetic Words]

My practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

God Seed

They say the mirror is a true reflection of you.
Then I'm a true reflection of eternal light,
gifted from a father, who's thought vibrates throughout the Cosmo's,
and heartbeats the quasar to a new horizon.

I remember,
though you may not.
So I seek, no words of comfort from man,
As a man's tongue can divide.
The talk of today, no longer the talk of tomorrow.

But the beat of a heart,
gravitates its waves throughout the universe,
as what's within. Is the beginning to whats without
and the light of my within,
is just a fractal to a divine might.

Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash


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