written by David Anglin

Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Felt Lonely

Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Felt Lonely

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

He Felt Lonely

He hadn't spoken to anyone in weeks, hadn't seen anyone in months. He sat up in bed just like always, a sprawling double bed with white satin sheets, but he was the only dweller. As always. Like the bed was his own personal island, a deserted place void of people void of life.

He was like a castaway, castaway by everything that he loved. Abandoned by everyone important to him. He reached slender limbs towards the iphone 6 that sat a top the perfectly white bedside table matching the Feng Shui of his immense bedroom.
His phone was as always no missed calls, no new texts, other than the few network messages that brought life, if even just for fleeting moments to the quietness of his room. The quietness of his world.
He remembered being told that the journey to success was a lonely road, that it required much sacrifice. He should of heeded these words, as like they'd said the sacrifice had been great. Maybe too great, as now he was left in a sprawling place, but with not a single person to call as his own.

The emptiness of his soul, matched the emptiness of his world.

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