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Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Opened The Door [ Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Opened The Door [ Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

He Opened The Door

He opened the door and life instantly felt brighter. His heart bitter from being locked in the coldest and deepest of freezers for so long, sprung to life in beats full of heat as he looked into the eyes of someone he hadn't seen for so long.

She had been his everything. his sole purpose was to fulfill to her every whim, her every desire no matter the cost. When she'd left his heart had more than broke, it had ceased to exist. Whatever it was inside him that managed to circulate blood throughout his body was no heart. As he felt nothing for life and felt nothing for no thing. The choice of living or dying was a lost concept to him.
In his mind he was dead, a breathing member of the walking dead. But looking into the dark brownness of her eyes, the smooth caramel of her skin, the thickness of her lips and hips. He became a member of the living again, if someone asked him what he's here for he could now tell them with full confidence that he's here to live life, and to enjoy all the fruits that it bared.

He asked her how she's been, that he hasn't seen her in so long, but that she still looks so good. She smiled a sad smile while telling him thanks, she told him she knows its been long and that things have been so hectic for her, that she was recently broken up from a bad situation. so feeling raw. Feeling lost and confused she came back to the only other place that felt like sanctuary, the only other place that had felt like a home. She was so sorry to disturb him especially at this later hour, but she just needed to rest her head if not just for the moment. As she'd been thrown out with just no where to go.
Without thought he let her in, without reason he showed route to his more than willing open heart. Scooping her in a fold of a loving protective hug. It had been too long since feeling like this. 6 months 12 days 10 hours 14 minutes to be precise. That's how long he'd been a member of the walking dead. More like a life time, a never ending day similar to the never ending equation of pie.

Holding her felt so good, the whiff of coco butter, and Jasmine oil penetrated his sense of smell in simple delights. His lips spread wide from the grin on his teeth, a mind now prodding and calculating plans of life with his now returned ex. Not ex his present.
They talked and laughed for what felt like hours. Each asking how the other had been though not getting too deep, not getting into the deeper questions of why she'd just upped and suddenly leaved, leaving him a broken mess a broken man, that no one could get through to. No they left those questions preferring to substitute hard questions for red wine and replace hidden frowns with playful pushes and holds.

As it was so late he insisted she stay, that he'd sleep on the sofa while she could sleep in his bed. She refused, insisting that if she stayed she'd be no burden to him, that she'd sleep on the couch. He Tried to convince his point further but seeing he would get no where, he finally gave in. Instead giving her the best of pillows and thick quilts.
They said there good nights with a tender lingering kiss, he walking one way and she a next way. He could barely sleep, his mind racing through space. As he made plans for a new life a new world with her at his side. When he finally fell asleep it was in a hopeless love like bliss. A big smile dropped across his lips.

He woke the next morning in excitement, peace and world love oozing from his soul. He went to the front room, around by the sofa but he saw her not there. He called to her with passion he called with a hint of fear. But still no answer. His heart skipped a beat, his knees felt weak as he looked down to a letter. A letter know containing a single kiss, a red printed kiss, with the simple words you truly are a truly good guy. Thank you forever.

His mind collapsed his heart refroze as he reentered the land of the abyss the land of the walking dead.

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