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Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Sat Watching [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Sat Watching [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

He Sat Watching

He'd been sitting in the confines of his tinted Peugeot for what felt like days. His legs were stiff and fighting sporadic pings of pins and needles. While his stomach growled in rumbling fury for only being feed a few cheese sandwiches and sips of strawberry Volvic.
He was lucky that the road he parked on had a park next to it as this was the only place he was able to release his bowels within the park toilet. And each visit would last no more than 5 minutes. As he'd rush back to his car. Making sure that no one saw him re-enter.

As far as he was concerned he should remain inconspicuous while the car should appear as empty, as if abandoned for the day. People walking past should be none the wiser. Absent minded, fixing themselves in the reflection of the tints as they walk by. Whether for the morning rush, the manic of the afternoon school run or the bustle of the evening rush hour. He watched it all go by paying close attention to detail. Noticing how most home owners would empty there bin during the day, while a few braver souls would empty theirs during the night. He noticed how some houses had their entire contents laid bare as their windows were open, curtains pulled back, revealing all that was inside. Wall fitted flat screens. Car keys left on dinning room tables. Babies left rocking to sleep. One particular house he noticed had a beautiful painting of a woman, smiling in delight as she laid on the sofa in elegant nudity. Always bringing his mind back to this one particular woman.

Who was so stunning. He'd watch transfixed as she'd enter and re-enter her home through the course of a day.
Like the lady of the painting she drew admiring looks and wanting stares. A few rays of light entering her home at just the right angle, and her traveling the inner sanctions of her home at just the right hour gave him a peek that like the painting. She was picture perfect. Her mold from God being a rarity, a travel of 1000's of miles around the world and still you'd never come across someone like her.
She was something else, he loved how each time she left her house she would do so with a brilliant smile that radiated heat, that radiated her passion and the vibrancy she had for life. If he could just have a woman like that by his side, his life would be set. His life would be complete no need to carry out the kind of work he was into. He loved how when she came in from the evenings around 6 o'clock, how she kept that same beautiful smile, made even more enticing as her eyes were more narrowed from tiredness from a long day.
From the confines of his cramped Peugeot he'd think of her, imagine her being with him, of him being in her home, her arms wrapped around him, while wearing the thick white dressing gown he'd glimpsed her in. Their embrace full of intentions of starting a new life. A new family with this woman by his side. All starting with a kiss of her lips, of her neck, of her chest, to the bottom part of her inner thigh. He felt himself get aroused, and had to calm himself with a mischievous grin. They'll be plenty of time for that he knew. He just needed to bide his time patiently and wait for the perfect moment for striking for his prize. A prize he'd been watching for, for so long. He couldn't help but take another wanting look through her window. As a summers evening through the changes of red and purple hues, became a warm summers night. He took another sip of strawberry Volvic and smiled as he knew tonight was the night, he reached for his suitcase containing rope duct tape and pliers.

He waited patiently as the time approached, he watched how she opened her door again in the same white dressing gown, opening her bin and placing black bags within. She looked, as if directly peering at him, as if peering through the tints to see his eyes now alight in anticipation. She looked. Than looked more before turning around, the roundness of her behind all so apparent. He quietly opened the door, his heart pumping Adrenalin, but his mind controlling it, as this was something he'd done for so many years. A master at his work you could call it. Especially for the right price, and his price was high. As if on cue he watched how her neighbour came out. His features now covered by the darkness of the night. But a flick from his wrist produced sparkles of light that seemed to dance along the pavement.

He exited his car as she closed the door to his world, a world were right now only predator and prey stood, everything else was irrelevant. He knew this hour of 12am was perfect timing.
"Excuse me sir" he said to the man with the sparkling gold Rolex. "I'm from Thames water and our system shows you have a leak."
Before the man could answer he rushed him, with a quickness and agility that had been honed by years of being a key player in the devils game. Of years of being as a predator waiting silently in the dark.
As he pushed the guy into his own house, and knocked him cold with a devastating right. His mind thought of only the £50,000 he'd easily make from this victim, and all the ways he'd spend it with his beautiful neighbour.

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