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Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Took A Breath And The Room Bent To His Will [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - He Took A Breath And The Room Bent To His Will [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

He Took A Breath And The Room Bent To His Will

He looked around and wondered if this was truly real or was all of this just a figment of an overactive imagination. An imagination that right now pictured his body as translucent. His movement as fluid. Similar to when a stream rolls downhill, flowing effortlessly over stones and pebbles.
His environment now though was unearthly, dreamlike in how mist seemed to flow in from everywhere but nowhere as its source. Flowing all around in glowing gales of white puffs.
Puffs that seemed to glow from the immense pressure of two glowing moons set high in a sky that was darkened with hues of different blues.
The power of the moons didn't just seem to affect the mist as the liquid-like substance he stood on reacted to the streams of moonlight. Ripples of night blue vibrating outwards to as far as the eye could see, everytime a ray of light touched its surface.
He too felt it effects as the light seemed to penetrate through his translucent skin, filling him with substance. The light touching him in an organic bliss. While his translucent skin glowed, defying all odds of reason and breaking all boundaries of what was thought of as universal rules.
Here physicality was unimportant, deemed for those of lower existence. He knew this, in just the same way as how a child innately knows the dangers of being left by itself and so will cry out in shrieks of protest, and where he was, truly was the unknown. Truly was the place for the truly lost or the truly found to converge. A crossroad for universes.

Another orgasmic surge pulsed through his body, lighting him in flashes of hot white pulses. Rocking him to his knees so that he fell with a gentle splash and a circle of ripples. Involuntary he looked up. A black spot now appearing on the moon, growing bigger, uncoiling. Unwinding itself from the very moon. Until it dropped, and dropped more, and more until it reaches the surface of this liquid world. Slithering over. No longer black but white, an absolute white that glowed with intensity. He covered his eyes with his hands, unable to see, the glow now penetrating through his hands through to his eyes burning into them. A hot rod of pain. Until instantly everything subsided. He opened his eyes and to his amazement stood a creature that could be best described as a magnificent serpent. As it's size was immense like nothing he'd ever seen before, as if on its back it could hold the very world. On diamond-shaped scales that repeated patterns of white hinted with gold along the entity of its body. From its lips forked a golden tongue while its eyes were piercing as if the gold of its pupils was looking down and reading the contents of your very soul. Set around its head was a crown of golden spikes that established the creatures importance in the inner workings of the universe.
It spoke without speaking. A direct link of consciousness to consciousness.
"Everything is everything. The universe inside you is the same as the universe outside you. Your innate understanding of this has allowed your astral body to travel to these planes. Planes were few have come. Few even know of its existence. I travel between all. Between the land of man and the land of God's. Between one existence into another existence. Flexibility is key and will be the only way for you to find what you search for each and every night.
We'll cross paths again. I'm certain of that, but for better or for worse, your directive from now will determine that..."

He awoke in a startle, his body damp with sweat, his boxers sticking to him in wet patches, the only clothing covering his body. He felt unafraid though. He knew something was different. Something had changed. As if he contained the power to crush all those who stood in his path of gaining that which was rightfully his. He took a deep breath and the room bent to his very will...

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