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Daily Creative Writing Practice - Her Eyes Were Bewitching [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - Her Eyes Were Bewitching [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

Her Eyes Were Bewitching

It had been a long day for Steve as his long shift of driving the underground train from Walthamstow central and starting at the unsociable hours of 5 am had his eyes droopy with sleep.
Sitting at the cafe Patrick tried his hardest in keeping his heavy eye lids from closing to the world. As he knew there was a very real possibility that he'd wake up to his forehead sitting squarely in the Caribbean style jerk chicken with rice and peas.
His early morning shift of driving the trains from Walthamstow central at the unsociable hours of 5am had him questioning his life and if there wasn't more he could be doing with it. As he knew he had talent, in fact multi talented would be the word to describe him as he could effortlessly dance, sing and kick your butt in an MMA ring. But he had a vice that was similar to most young men, or older ones who hadn't learned how much easier life becomes by sticking to one.

As he had a love for women, a love that started at the tender age of 16. The time when he had first discovered the delights of what was hidden under the folds of a dress. As he grew older and become more confident as his shoulders grew in width, and his face matured into that of a very handsome black male. He found it easy to come across women, whether, white, black, Asian you name it and he had an adulterous story to accompany it. Being 25 with so many readily available opportunities he'd always find it hard to say no. A simple text within moments would turn into passionate plea's and wants of spending the night while chance meetings of jogging by turned into passionate rendezvous hours later.
Though he never liked to admit it he knew at times he'd been a bit of a sick with his actions, as nights of passions and calls for more would usually be rejected by him. In his mind he was a still young man with plenty of sows to seed. But his journey of sowing seeds had him breaking hearts intentionally and sometimes not. But he knew some had been bad as he would receive haunting messages of I hope you burn in hell forever! Or he'd be awoken to his doorbell going of at the middle of the night though when opening the door all he'd hear is the footsteps of a person sprinting for dear life.
It was often these times he'd question if he's gone to far or maybe it's time like what his married friend Dwayne says to settle down. Though he found it hard taking advice from a man who complains about barely getting sex once every two weeks. Yeah he wasn't sure if that was the right person to listen to at all.
Though as he sat here tired out of his mind he had to question if this really was a productive life he was living. If now really wasn't the time to settle and be true to just one. A Whatsapp text from Patrica detailing explicitly all the reasons he should come around due to all the things she wouldn't be wearing had him quickly forgetting about a blissful life settled to one.
Well that was until she walked in, as like a magnet set on full he was instantly drawn to her, her beautiful caramel complexion had him with a wide open gawp for a good few seconds, before he had to remind himself of his standing in this world of boy meets girl so instantly went back to trying to look cool. And trying was the right word as he could barely keep his eyes of her, though she walked past him as if barely detecting his existence. Using all the mental and psychic abilities it's claimed all humans had, he willed her to look over, willed her to acknowledge him. She turned looking directly at him as she sat down with a simple coffee, he was unprepared for the intensity of her eyes though, the beauty of the deep brown irises had him caught like a fox in headlights. He was totally unprepared even if he wanted to look away he couldn't he was now totally captured subject to her every whim, as it felt like she was prodding his mind to work out for herself if he was really worth her time. Her unimpressed look let her know he had failed the exam miserably. Though what was worse for him is not just the sense of failure but the sense of rejection, of how she turned her eyes away as if uninterested by his presence as if he being there was just a passing moment, nothing important at all.
With all the strength he could muster he went to walk to her, so he could tell her his want of her, how he would die for her as in these moments though fleeting he realised he loved her.

Turning her full gaze back to him, her brown eyes seemingly having sparkles to them he thought a full wave of a guilt. Guilt that was so powerful that he he had to stagger back to his chair as the weight on his shoulders felt so heavy. The weight on his heart so crippling. As for the first time ever he now knew how they felt, the 60 or so woman who had wanted to make life with him, but he gave no chance to that. Making it clear that him being with them was just a fantasy. He now knew how they felt at that moment. Felt the tears that they had let drop from their eyes a thousand times over. Though his heart felt a thousand times worse. If he could, he would of apologised to all of them, but he realised this chance had passed long ago. All he could do was quietly hug himself as tears that hadn't fell since days of primary school, fell for the hearts of all those he'd wronged. He looked over at her for the last time and caught a slight smile to her bewitching eyes...

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