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Daily Creative Writing Practice - Nightmare [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - Nightmare [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...


They stood around anxiously, as all around men and women in hooded cloaks ran and attended to the needs of their self professed leader. Junior had a gut feeling that something wasn't right, and he knew his friend Peter felt the same way, as his expression was worried, bordering on full on fright. They both knew they shouldn't be here. As they were transported to something that looked the same but was completely alien. Their innocent day of going to Walthamstow's Selbourn Walk Mall to pick up the latest pair of air max's had turned into something completely different. Like how a beautiful summers day without warning, can change into a menacing downpour from the darkest of clouds.
Their mall had turned into something else, the shape was the same but it had a different aura radiating from it now. The usual cheerfulness from happy shoppers going about there day of discovering new things for themselves and home, was replaced by darker tones of people now shopping for mysterious objects that laid hidden in the confines of the mall.

Junior could swear that he recognised the many faces covered by the hoods. As he'd seen many from what felt like just moments earlier as they had been the happy shoppers. But he dared not stare into their faces as their expressions though blank seemed to have a deeper layer of extreme violence hidden for now. For now it was as if these followers either had no idea they were there or choose not to acknowledge them.
The leaders face was stern, multiple folds of heavy flesh covered his forehead while piercing blue eyes set against the backdrop of dark eye's accumulated from years of lack of sleep. Barked with venom orders to complete before the coming of their masters. While in between barking orders he'd chant a few lines of a mysterious language. One time appearing as if he was chanting directly at junior and Peter. His piercing blue eyes immense. Staring at them with a small grin that revealed a row of crooked yellow teeth.

The leader lifted his cloaked arms and all went quiet, the rushing around immediately stopped and all in the mall turned to look at the leader. His eyes seemed to glow with an unearthly tint as he said the simple words "and along our journey we'll be helped by the Morbids.|"

Next to the leader appeared this cylinder like swirling mass that resembled how galaxies and stars appear in the universe. From out of the swirling mass stepped a creature like none junior had ever witnessed in his life. The creature though the same size as the leader had such a presence that it seemed as if it were the size of a billboard. It had no nose, no mouth and no eyes. All that was of its face was a bloody mix of twisted flesh, that seemed to of been burnt in parts and bloody in the others. The rest of its body was covered by the same hooded cloak as what the congregation wore. Instead of arms again there was simply stubs of flesh that appeared twisted and raw. As if a young child who in there frustrations had lumped together different colours of play doh, twisting and pulling shapes together in what they hoped was artistic and creative but in reality resembled a twisted mess.
To juniors surprise though this twisted mess moved extremely quickly, if move was even the right word. As it was like the mess would teleport from place to place. The congregation as if in a trance clapped furiously as the monster elegantly moved between, each time hovering just in front of there mouths as it injected something from its twisted flesh in a ooze of yellow like goo that sealed into the flesh of there lips and caused the eyes of the recipients to glow briefly with a yellow tint.

Junior and Peter looked at each other and with a quiet nod of understanding they new that if they wanted their lives to stay in tact they had to get from this mall now. As if not from this teleporting demon than from the putrid smell that came from the mall during the arrival of the twisted demon. The smell could only be described as when grass, left in water becomes rotten as its mass gives into the decomposing nature of earth. With the boils, blood and hunks of flesh coating the Morbid demon it became apparent that it too was rotting away. Maybe as a hazard from entering into this dimension through an ungodly means or maybe due from the idea that earth has natural defenses for all things including inter dimensional demons.
They creeped slowly through the masses unnoticed until, they made it to the stairs that lead down to the car park that they hoped still held Peters car.
They were in luck as in the far corner just how they'd left it, was the dark blue 2010 Audi A4. With a visible sigh of relief they collectively sprinted for the two door vehicle. But as they ran, they heard a collective cry. A murderous type scream of rage, as 100's of cloaked followers, who had been unmoved by there presence now looked at the two as if they were food. As if there whole purpose was to consume the flesh of the intruders. What was worse was that now many of the hooded figures no longer resembled anything human other than yellow vein like streaks that covered what would be considered there lips. Everything else though was different, some had bones that pierced their own flesh, while others had flesh ripped. Hanging on by threads from the stomach. Protruding red like tentacles that had the same texture as the larger intestines.

They made it into the relative safety of the car, but to Peters horror the car would not start. The car had never given trouble before and was on full petrol, but in their time of need it was an epic failure. Helplessly junior watched as the window by his friends side was smashed with ease and a red tentacle pierced his friends arm as he was pulled away. Helpless to do anything, helpless to say anything. His body slowly twisted into shapes that pleased the demonic herd. His voice box ripped from his throat preventing him from screaming, while another tentacle pushed to his lung meant he was kept alive and awake during the whole torturous affair.
Junior felt sick to his stomach, as he felt a bloody mess, a mess that use to resemble a hand. But now it pulled him from the car and into the collective judgement of what the new world order, had decided was the best course for mankind...

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