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Daily Creative Writing Practice - Run The Town [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - Run The Town [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

Run The Town

"You ain't the king of shit! I run road, I got a bullet with your name on it and I bet we don't miss this time"

YO hung up the phone as the venom of words spewed from Sterner's mouth had his blood burning in rage. He couldn't believe the levels of disrespect being shown towards him as if he was just another one of these washed up road guys. As if he couldn't command a 100 guys at a whim to bring a level of war to the streets witnessed only in lands like Baghdad.

But he had always more approved of discrete methods, of the up close and personal methods. Where boastfulness and tough talk was left for the crowds and man to man you soon find out what's in the others belly. He had come up on this, he was known to get his hands dirty, known for going to extreme lengths to get simple points across. Not with the focus of being a badman but from the calculated understanding that in his world people only respected violence. The greater the level of violence the greater the level of respect.

He preferred nowadays to live a karma free life, the life of live and let live. Of peace and prosperity for all. But if provoked he could like a chameleon switch back to being a hands-on campaigner for extreme violence.
He'd left Sterner to be, out of respect for his deceased friend Franco, from the first time he'd tried to rile up against him. But really he should have nipped it in the bud than. As all that happened was an escalation of things. Hearsay and rumors, turning to Sterner publicly declaring war on him. Publicly sending armed villains with submachine guns to send him to an early bloody grave.
With his blood boiling his mind went to work of calculating a plan that would lead to the quick and early demise of his soon to be dead adversary.

He always loved how peaceful things could be in the early hours of the morning. How crisp the air felt as if at these times the air was able to fully regenerate as it wasn't circulated and regurgitated through the millions of other mouths that called London home.
He always felt most alive at these times, as his senses seemed to operate to their Max. And from it, he'd become the ultimate predator, able to stalk out any unsuspecting prey.

Prey which right now had just finished enjoying the silky delights of a passionate woman. A passionate woman he'd known for a long time, and so was more than happy and willing to partake in his devils game. The screen of his throwaway Nokia lit with the simple words left which had followed the message an hour ago of he's asleep. He let himself in easily to the terraced house, using the key that had been left under the welcome floor mat.

The basics of self-defense and guard up at all times had been lost on this fool.

He closed the door quietly making no sound as he brought out his jet black 9.mm. holding it tightly with his two gloved hands. On tiptoes, he made his way up the one flight of stairs the bubbles of his jet black air max Nike's helping with his silent stalk.
He passed one bedroom than another until he was in front of the door that he knew to be the one. He'd gone over the sketches of the house numerous times. Gone through his plan countless.

He opened the door to the messy double bedroom, countless clothes thrown on the wooden floors. But he cared not, as he spotted his target, resting, almost fetal-like in nature. The self-professed baddest man in Walthamstow, the tyrant of east London, now asleep vulnerable as a child. As he looked at him asleep he thought of the wise words told to him as a young man, sometimes the universe delivers to us exactly what we're looking for.

He placed the pillow next to the sleeping Sterner on to his face, before there was any time for a protest or struggle he placed the 9 mm on to the pillow, it's weight digging a groove into the soft fabric of the pillow. He let off two shots one to hit, the second to be sure. He walked away without looking back. Making his way quietly back the way he came, but as he passed he heard an opening door and the voice of a toddler who in his still baby-like voice and while rubbing his eyes said

"Daddy I can't sleep"
YO replied with no hesitation, "Don't worry son you'll be alright, now go to sleep and daddy will see you in the morning."
"OK daddy, love you"
"Love you too son"

He made his way quietly out of the house as he wondered on the mysteries of the universe.

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