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Daily Creative Writing Practice - She Turned Over [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - She Turned Over [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

She Turned Over

She felt the gentle vibration from her phone signalling another notification. But she remained still, her body a living statue, placed in a fetal like position as she laid in a sprawling double bed, that now felt like her own personal prison.

For the last 7 years she'd slept how she'd wanted, getting in and out of her bed as she pleased. But today was different. As when she feel asleep under the Sandman's spell she found herself in a terrible nightmare that felt all too real. The opened email, the haunting pale face just like her own, the scratch like voice that gave chills, a distorted version of her own.
Her body reacted badly to the nightmare as she was drenched in sweat that seeped through the fabric of her negligee. Her room now scented with coco butter, lavender and sweat. A predator close by would have had their senses alight in flavours, though underneath it all they'd be able to sense fear. As it oozed from her enveloping the room like a colourful smoke flair.

She knew when she'd opened that email that she'd felt a bad omen from it. A premonition that something bad would happen.
She never opened emails from unknown addresses and especially never opened attachments, but her curiosity was piped by the subject line of guess who ;). She opened and was intrigued by the attached picture of a face that looked so much like hers, but was different. As hers had vibrancy, passion, life. The picture attached though was lifeless. Like her without a soul.
When words materialised on to the picture, instead of wondering how a pdf document was able to do this, she read on. Enchanted. As the words said we all have three versions of ourselves in this world. The good version, the bad version and the indifferent version. Each version fighting for dominance that the conscious mind is completely unaware of, as only the dominant version will continue to exist.

The words that appeared next is what broke her enchantment as when she read the words. I wonder what version of you shall survive, the eyes on the screen seemed to shift, only slightly but enough for her to notice. Enough for her to react in fright as she quickly closed the email, than deleted it in haste.

But within moments she'd received a text that read three's a feast and two's a meal, if one devours two than three becomes one. Tonight we'll see who's the true one... good day :)
She'd read the message in quiet fear, but as her day progressed she'd forgot all about it. Caught up in the whirl wind of modern life, paying bills, paying rent and having a little left over for enjoyment for the month.
The grim reality that her naivety may cost her life crossed her mind, as her ears picked up a single faint scratch, was it inside or outside her bedroom she couldn't tell. She wanted to strain to try hear more, but she dared not move. She wished to God in heaven that she'd made more time for relationships instead of solely focusing on her career. For actively working on finding someone to settle with instead of just the few and far between encounters of lust to deal with her bodies yearnings. As right now she'd be held in loving strong arms. That would protect her from unknown evils. Arms like Darren's... her thoughts trailed off. If she could right now she would cry a million tears as she was in the midst of learning the grave consequences of pushing others away, of thinking you can do it all by yourself.

She heard two scratch like sounds they definitely sounded closer, as if now in the room. Her heart pumped frozen fear, that caused pins and needle type symptoms to spread through her body. She kept her eyes closed. Sound and smell her only senses in use.
Her phone vibrated again, But still she didn't move, the survivalist instinct of her telling her not to move. That if she wants to live, that if she wants a chance for a new life where she can right her wrongs, than she mustn't move. If it can't hear her then it can't see her, can't sense the electrical signals that the body gives out every time we move.

She heard a scraping sound that was close, too close sounding like it came from the opposite side of where she faced.
She was scared now, really scared as she felt cold like air that seemed to seep through the thickness of her quilt. Her body wasn't ready for the cold as it reacted like when jumping in icy waters, it reacted like how it was designed to react in sub zero type environments. The heart pumped faster producing more oxygenated blood, the little hairs of the body stood to attention and goose pimples flooded her skin.

All went silent...

Until next to her, quietly. The sound coming as if pressed against her ear she heard the same distorted scratchy voice that sounded like her own "I've finally found you. Alison."
She wanted to cry, wanted to run but could do neither as she felt herself being turned over and coming face to face with a reality that she'd unwittingly crossed over into.

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