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Daily Creative Writing Practice - You're My Superman [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - You're My Superman [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

You're My Superman

The emptiness of his bank balance matched the empty feeling that he now felt. His mind becoming consumed by doubts of self, doubts of his manhood. Doubts about his very existence. If any of it was even worthwhile. Did his life really have any purpose?
He'd always tried to be the good guy, stayed simple and followed the rules set by society. Of going to school, going to uni. Finding love, going work. Gaining a house, raising a family.

But now it all felt like an illusion as if the repeated pattern of societies success formula had long broken down. And left in its place, was a game of high stakes that left many losers. Many just like him. As how could he not be a loser, if he wasn't even able to cater to the basics of providing for his family.

He walked. His legs feeling burnt out and heavy. As if they where bricks covered by flesh. A lump of moveable meat, but the person controlling was irrelevant.
He beeped in through a station with his Oyster card. Though what station. He barely knew, his recognition of his life had dimmed. He walked past a billboard that said secure a happier life for your family through life insurance.
His whole world grew dimmer.

His whole reason for existence became more uncertain. He searched his mind for answers. For his reason for being. But all that got brought up was an image of the white envelope with green stripes along its edges and the message of. The council tax is due.
Despair engulfed him, enslaving him to its effects of extreme depression. Thoughts of debts, thoughts of personal injustice, thoughts of life being bleak. Swamping his mind in a darkness that each time it reared its head it became harder to escape from.
His only reprieve last time had come at the mercy of his wife who kick started him into gear with warm words and soothing gestures. But what would even she think now with things as they stood? The last of his redundancy money had gone. New job offers amounting to none.

A single tear fell from his eye. Then another and another. He gripped his face with slender fingers. The shame of crying covered in a vice-like grip. The shame of crying wiped with away with tired hands. The fingernails long from months of neglect.
He looked at the billboard and saw the same message secure a happier life for your family through life insurance. As it stood and at this hour of the night the train station was quiet. The underground platform clear. 3 minutes to the next train, that would head to the destination of Walthamstow central.

3 minutes till he could head to a new destination. A destination where his family would be nice. Able to live the life he'd always dreamed for them. From him as their provider.

It all clicked into place.

The breeze of fate entered the train platform in a more powerful action as it drew closer. It's power now rumbling through the station. Felt even more as his feet touched the white line. The white line which at some point would need to be crossed. A kind of physical crossover. From one realm to another. From one reality to the unknown. But as far as he was concerned the unknown must be better than his current reality.

He felt the warming light of fate across the skin of his face. He felt...

He felt a vibration in his pocket. That seemed to vibrate not just from his leg but from the core of his very soul. A vibration that he just couldn't ignore. As if the single had come from some higher place.
He took his phone from the pocket. And checked the newest Whatsapp message. The message sent from his wife. He opened it and read the words. "You're my superman..."

As he stepped on to the train that would take him to Walthamstow Central, he remembered that things are never that bad. All bad situations are just temporary.

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