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Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Black Horseman Rode Upon The Blacker Horse [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Black Horseman Rode Upon The Blacker Horse [Short Story]

My practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

Everything around him seemed to slow down as if time itself had bent to the rulesof this newly discovered place. A sacred clearing of light within the darkest of lands, though within resonated an aura like none he'd ever felt before. His heightened senses picked up that he was entering the presence of something majestic. His hairs stood to attention, goosebumps littered his flesh in tight balls, as he stepped further into the new realmand stepped into the presence of a mighty black stallion that kept a watchful gaze upon him as it drank deeply from a stream flowing with a white mist that separated the two.
The stream had its own mystical like glow as fireflies flew around and reflections from their light created sparkles of wonder upon the stillness of deep waters. Ripples rocked across the surface of the water as the horse exhaled out and great puffs of steam left the mass of its nostrils like as if its insides burned a great fire.
Subconsciously he bowed graciously, making sure to keep his eyes steady and in line with that of the mighty steed. As they both knew that a kick from just one of its great legs would instantly shatter the thick armour across his chest, crippling the beat of his heart and turning to mush an already damaged organ.
He knew it was a great risk coming to such a sacred place and at such a time when evil rolled freely about the lands and easily infiltrated the hearts of man. His heart had long been sickened, the seed of evil grew strong roots within his psyche, replacing his nature of peace into that of an all-conquering warmongerthat in a moment's fury would hesitate not in setting to light a 1000 villagers for a 1000 days. He'd become a champion for evil and a lord for the demons who roamed the landsin their packs looking for victims to showcase an existence darker than that preached in the books of revelations.

He called to the great beast "Though I'm not worthy I come seeking your help."

The horse stood still listening, the expanse of its shoulders was impressive. The mane of its head flowed unnaturally as if death itself whispered quietly among the singular black strands of its hair.
In answer, it let out a thunderous Nay that vibrated throughout the surrounding trees. With a great leap, the black steed jumped across the river as if mere child's play as if the stream was the length of a newly grown bamboo plant and not the length of 10 back to back oak trees.

The black horse stood directly in front of him, the power in its body apparent in layers of thick muscles covered by silky smooth hair. The aura it emitted could only be described as when man gazed upon the first sunrise and in its awesome light took this rising phenomenon, as the signs of birth for a new king.
They stood quietly, like as if the surrounding sound had been sucked into a void and the only senses left available was that of sight, as he looked into the dark pupils of the darker horse and it looked into the dark pupils of a man covered head to toe in great black armour. No normal man would have been able to move with the weight from the armour. But he moved fluidly as if the 300 pounds of black metal weighed no more than a cushion for a newborn baby. The great horse exhaled great plumes of heated breath that felt like the hottest of days when the air passed and touched upon his face. Knowing the great presence he was in he kept his head bowed in courteous respect as he asked more from the great beast.

"I need your help in seeking that which was ripped from my arms, and to rid this wretched existence of this evil, once and for all."

The horse kept still, unmoving, as it gazed deeper into the eyes of this tortured soul who came seeking its strength and seeking it's... Capabilities. The great stead took in the face of the dark man, whose head was covered by a dark black helmet with protruding horns.
He looked into his eyes as he sought to find his soul and see if he was even worthy to stand in front of its majesty. Hailed as the last of the great kings of the great beasts that roamed the lands in days long past.
Many had come seeking its mythic powers, powers that enabled those who rode its mighty back to become as an avatar like being and as a one-man army, destroy all those who'd resist their might. But most warriors who came seeking its power fell below its mighty hooves as it chose to rid the world of these unworthy opportunists.
The mighty beast let out a thunderous nay, that seemed to vibrate the very earth, but the man stood still, respectful in his pose, but strong in his will.
Like the weighing of heart ceremony of old, it stared through flesh and bone, directly into the essence of the blackened warrior's heart.
Directly into the sins of a warrior mighty with sword. Determining if his heart was pure enough to be gifted the ultimate light that could vanquish the world of its sins.

The mighty steed moved fast, faster than he could imagine, blurring to stillness his trained eyes. He felt an eruption of pain just below his left elbow. He cried out in agony as the mighty mare, clamped its yellowed teeth around his arm. Crushing through iron, crushing through flesh. Blood darker than Satan's door, seeped through gaps in its yellowed teeth as it separated flesh from flesh. A forearm from a man. The horse crunched down on the bottom part of his arm. Never taking his gaze from him.
The black warrior knew better than to show any sign of weakness for his now-missing limb. He wanted to howl from the tops of trees, for the world to feel the pain of electric impulses shooting through his whole being, but he knew better than that. He'd come seeking redemption to make up for the sins of his past, but the price of redemption had been great.
The horse swallowed with a nod as if giving approval to the heart of this warrior. The great kingmade its choice, lowering it's great body to the softness of grass.

Touching his remaining armored hand to the horses large head, he sent through feelings expressed through vibrations of goodwill, friendship, and eternal thanks before swinging a leg over and sitting atop its massive back. The flow of blood from the devoured part of his arm slowed, as two became one, and the black horsemen sat atop the blacker horse. The light of the sacred sanctuary faded into small spots of hope carried within the hearts of the brave, who turned towards the east, squelching down upon returning critters. The sacred place now replaced with filth and darkness as the forest reset to the spell cast of keeping the black horseman forever trapped as an inhabitant of the land.

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In my day to day work, I've spent close to 10 years working with some of London's most extreme young offenders. Working with them tirelessly in trying to create real opportunities for them, while trying to bring stability to the chaos that can be their world at times. I don't even call this work, as this is something I love doing, and thankfully my passion for it has helped many of these young people into much brighter circumstances.
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Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019


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