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Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Bottom Of The Garden [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Bottom Of The Garden [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

The Bottom Of The Garden

She didn't know what was worse being a woman in her mid 30's who still seemed to have no prospect for the fairy tale of a happily ever after with a handsome knight. Or the fact that as a mid 30's woman she was still scared of the dark. Still scared to be home a lone.

As she laid awake in the double bed of her 1st floor flat, her mind couldn't help but drift to Alex, thinking what he was doing, or knowing him. More like who he was doing.
It had been 6 months since they had, had any form of communication. And 6 months since she'd caught him in the arms of another. Though time had passed, for her it still felt raw, the hurt real, constantly chipping a way at the little confidence she had. As he was the first time in so long, when she had decided to go against her gut and take a risk. laying down her guard, leaving her heart exposed for the cheating bastard to shred apart.
She hated thinking bad on him, hated that even after so long, he could have such an effect on her. But she couldn't help how she felt. Her heart just wasn't willing to mend yet and so every now and than negative thoughts of him would enter her mind. Negative thoughts of how she'd like for someone to do to him, what he'd done to her. She'd like for someone to break his heart, just as hers had been crushed. Sometimes when at her lowest She'd wish for him to be fixed to a stake and...

But as if on que she heard the scratching noise, as if a tree branch from outside had raked it's digits along the length of the glass to her window. Every time she heard this sound it gave her the creeps as she never could find the source of it. When she'd open the window there would be nothing there, no tree branch, no long hand with a knife no nothing. It was as if the sound was the inner workings of her minds coping measures against love lost depression. She stayed still, hoping the sound would not return, as she tried to focus on other things.

She remembered her grandma always telling her to be mindful of thoughts. As thoughts of a negative nature tend to grow into their own beast that quickly consumes the soul. "A soul with hate quickly becomes a hateful person and the universe has its way of dealing with that," she'd say with an all too serious expression.
But right now she just couldn't help it, here she was lying in her bed half scared of what could be lurking in the dark while the one she planned to be with, spend her life with, the fucker Alex. Was there living a care free life. She couldn't help how she felt, she hated the fact that he seemed to of been able to move on so fast. She heard another 3 scrapes at her bedroom window, she wanted to be brave and say who's there, but she could barely move, caught in a paralysis of fear. Fear that wrapped and held on to her in an ever tightening hold, so that physically even her body reacted by producing sweat that flowed like ice down the dimples of her slim back.
This is all your fault Alex, why did you have to be just the typical guy, why couldn't you of just been true to me and me only. Before she could react a small sigh escaped her lips, and as if in answer she heard the three scrapes, one after the other. Orderly. She froze in silent fear.
Not knowing what to do. She resisted the urge of hiding under the covers as she'd watched enough horror films to know that never worked out well. So she remained silent simply looking straight up to her ceiling as she laid on her back.
Silence enveloped her like a thick quilt, that was used only during the coldest of winter nights. The silence seemed to not only surround her, but seemed to seep into all things, she could see the ticking of her wall clock but heard no sound, she saw the illumination of a car light that temporarily brightened the room but again she heard no sound, it was all silent, as if life itself had stopped to behold what events would partake in her room.
Her heart nearly stopped when she heard the vibration of her phone indicating a message. Her heart nearly leapt from her chest when she saw the message with no caller ID was in fact from her ex, the same one who just moments ago she'd been thinking of, wishing him ill will. She looked at the message from Alex, which read hi Destiny I know it's been a long time, but I want to talk to you. Please meet me in your back garden I'm waiting outside...

The minute she read the text she got a feeling of something not being right, a sense like what red riding hood must of felt as she gazed upon the big teeth of a wolf disguised as her grandmother. She tried to push the feeling to the back of her mind. As though she was shocked she so desperately wanted to see him, especially due to the seriousness of her current situation.
She texted back but why are you in my garden. I haven't seen or heard from you in over 6 months.
The reply was almost instantaneous I know but I woke up with a feeling that you needed my help, so I rushed over without thinking. I do still care about you.
She went to reply, but she heard the three scratches at her window again, more urgent now, more pressing, as if whatever was doing it had a sudden burst of confidence and she didn't want to be there to find out what would happen with this new found confidence
Against her better judgement she decided on uncertainty. Battling the ever sinking feeling she felt in the pit of her stomach. She removed the covers of her quilt and walked out towards her back garden in little more than a baggy t shirt and tight fitting pajama bottoms.
As she walked into the kitchen that held the door to that would lead to the garden, another wave of doubt hit her, her anxiety peaked, the only thing she could think of was grabbing a small knife from the drawer, to help with the trembling of her fingers that were so small and dainty.
With a sigh she opened the door.

And instantly was hit with a feeling of doom and gloom as if the entirety of man's issues with one another was placed in a perfect cube within the confines of her garden. The worse thing though was that somewhere deep inside her something recognised part of the collective of bad emotions. The collective of bad energy. As somewhere she felt her own frustrations, her own complaints of life not treating her better. Being woven into the mix of negative emotions that only seemed to grow more in intensity with each breath she took.
The feeling in the pit of her stomach seemed to scream at her now, the warning so grave that even she couldn't ignore it.
But before she could turn around and close the door on this paranormal like affair. Her eyes locked with his. Locked into the deep brown of his eyes. The dimples of his beautiful hazel skin. She was lost in him. Utterly lost. Somewhere deep down she knew this was not her lover. Not her Alex. But she know longer cared. Nothing was more important than being with him. Wrapped in his warm arms. She was drawn to him. By an invisible force. A force that pulled more and more becoming more intent more insistent dragging on her. Ripping on her, ripping her flesh, her essence her very soul. Bringing her down to the bottom of her garden, where Alex awaited with open arms.

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