written by David Anglin

Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Man Entered The Trap House

Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Man Entered The Trap House

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

The Man Entered The Trap House

He didn't like nothing about his present environment. As the minute he stepped through the door he was hit with a feeling of hopelessness. A silent message conveyed through the expression of when the human psyche is at its lowest, when the body is hollow of vibrant spirit and in its place is left a nothingness. An absolute abyss that much like a black hole sucks and grabs hold of those who venture to far in to its forbidden grip.
Even now he felt this nothingness trying to latch on to him as he looked around the tiny room, bare of any furniture. The lifelessness of those already there was apparent for all to see. The abyss was strong. Needles strewn all over the floor as proof of this. Half closed eyes, bodies slumped to the side while damaged arms with numerous circle like scars acted as further testament to the strength of the abyss.
He doubted they even realised he was there, as their free thought had already been taken away, their will given in to the demands of the brown, the demands of the drug, the demands of the abyss. Which he felt reaching at him, trying in its earnest to tempt him in, sucking slowly at his core, at his resolve, breaking his spirit and making him a bi-product of an existence that only ended. One way...

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