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Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Rain Came Down [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Rain Came Down [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

The Rain Came Down

The rain came down as his dreams flowed from him, into a swirling dark gutter. Dreams that in reality were not just his, but a collection of thoughts, a collection of ideas for what he could be. But the flowing rain with the hints of crimson marked the end of great plans.
You see just like you, he had a vision created as a board, marked with plans, were at its center was placed golden Addidas football boots. He wanted to be great, to be the best ever, to be considered within the same realm of awe that existed for Messi, Ronaldo, and Pele.
He knew that great work, takes great practice, he wasn't shy to work, so every night after school, he'd be in the park of Valentines, practicing. 10 laps of sprints, followed by an hour of ball dribbles, and an hour of free kicks.
The universal process of repetition hatched a bug into a beautiful butterfly, he went from substandard to something that amazed, during his weekly Saturday matches upon the muddy fields of Hackney Marshes. He quickly earned his place among the bright stars of West Ham's academy, but he wanted for more, his vision board had not West Ham on it, but had the golden cannonball of Arsenal set to the side of the golden boots.

But heavy rain has a way of washing away such ambitions. Bringing tidal flash floods that devastates a community, as a smiling child with a great future is now lost. He lost his inner child when pursuing the leather ball he'd loved all his life, he ran blindly in love, that caused a clash of knee's, though his was twisted beyond all repair. The beautiful butterfly burnt its wings from flying too close to the burning light. The universal theory of chaos worked with indifference.

Depressed and angry he'd needed another outlet as he was a bundle of kinetic energy just waiting to explode, he was ignited from the spark of a mobile phone call, asking him 'to come hang with the mandem' he missed the sense of togetherness and comradery that football brought, with a broken heart he answered the call. The rain crashed heavier and washed him on the roads.

He now wore a new kit to keep him ready and prepared for the elements of the roads. The community though never liked the new kit or liked the new team. Collectively they'd told him that he's worth so much more, that he can be so much more. Mr Green offered to give hours of work in the bakers each day, While Ms Patterson offered history and gave insights into his roots. Though he listened and nodded his head politely he'd already set course for his new vision board. As he couldn't be what he wanted to be he chose to be the best in what fate decided for him to be. Just like the park at night, he put in hours of practice. His mothers cry in protest went over ever deafening ears. He went from Lewis Brown to L Duppy B.

The rain came down heavy as he rushed for the crown at the center of his vision board, damaged goods, now unable for use, where swept from the roads and into the every rising swirl of the gutter.
The child of the community became the monster of it. Smiles with love turned to looks of disdain and fear. His crown had securely been sealed, but the ever pouring downfall of rain made it hard for him to see.

For all his knowledge, from being a longterm striker for his new team, his judgment was clouded by the bad weather. Unable to see the flash of light, the boom of doom as it vibrated through the dark skies. From his back he was struck, an instant red card. The same community he'd shunned, still remembered him though, so with desperate cries and plea's, they tried to keep the dream going to keep the greater vision alive.
But the rain that came down was powerful so that the roads wet from water had a scarlet hue, that flowed as a cleanser down to the gutter until nothing was left. Just a memory of ideas, that grew fainter as time passed. Another dream lost, another possibility gone.

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