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Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Tree Lay Next To The River [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Tree Lay Next To The River [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

The Tree Lay Next To The River

It's funny she thought, how they say that when we die we return to the earth. That our bodies becomes ashes which mother nature uses in her glory to replenish the lands.
Her gaze turned to the scene of cluttered plush green trees rising to heights that barely could be seen, while the ground was covered in a rich dark earth that seemed full of nutrients as white mushrooms rose in meaty clumps while the ground itself was a live with the movement of little critters. To the right of her was a sparkling river not shy of letting it's presence known as water crashed and turned as it went rapidly along its journey to lower ground. She felt a deep sorrow come over her, the beads of sweat across her pretty face replaced by twinkles of water droplets that escaped her eye's, as she knew that this place would very likely be the place where all was lost.

Even now she could here his calls, the base of his voice carried to her by a breeze that gave slight chill to the exposed flesh from her ripped summers dress. His calls sounding amused but chilling as this was all a game to him. He as predator and she as his prey. A game she'd been the unwilling participant of, for way too long. Way too long dodging his stalking, bobbing and weaving from lustful advances, advances he knew to be forbidden, but he liked the fruit of her, the fruit of his younger cousin.

The minute her aunt and uncle had left for the day the chase had immediately been on. As they closed a door he opened his, as they locked the front her lock became unlocked. Through a twist and a jingle, she watched in anticipation as the door knob turned and stepping in was her cousin. His massive bulk blocking her escape, his excitement of seeing her, all too apparent in his black jogging bottoms that were stretched around clumps of his large flesh.
She knew timing was everything that timing would be key, she watched as he took a swagger than another and a other each step slightly quicker than the last.
Morning cousin he said with a grin you had a good sleep, your body feel. Refreshed?" he added with a wink. She ignored his comment saying nothing mind absolutely focused. Waiting. Patient. Another step. And another. He was almost upon her. The stench from his two day unwashed body filling her nostrils. The pus from pimples that littered his face clear for her to see. He reached an arm out, she within an instant with all her strength battered the arm to one side causing the clumsiness of his legs to lose footing but as he she fled he reached an arm out in a flash that caught the mid section of her dress. She was caught like a fly in a web. But she had fight. Squirming and hitting until at last she was free, though parts of her dress where ripped. The ripped parts in his hand he placed to his nose taking in a deep sniff of her fragrance.

So here she now stood, her escape through the kitchen window had brought her to the forest for what to her would be the final showdown.

He stepped from the tree with a predatory like grin. He knew she had nowhere left to run, as she knew not this forest like him. From the moment she'd been placed with his family in care he knew he wanted her. Knew he must sample her delights no matter if forbidden no matter the consequence. He wanted her, every part of her, from the top of her hair down to the folds of the most delicate parts of her. If he could he'd devour her into him, so that she'd forever be part of him. Forever at his disposal.
He followed her to the waters edge, watching with heightened delight, his urges throbbing as she placed a foot in the racing river. Than another.
He cared not for life, he had now one sole objective, one life motive. To have his cousin as his. Her entwined on him, a not so willing lover. He followed her in, the strength of the river not registering to him. He was lost. Lost to depravity.

She saw him follow, saw the glazed looks in his eyes and knew there was no reasoning with him. That he was consumed. Consumed by the evil spirit that had him burning the paws of little kittens as a kid. Their meows of pain only seeming to add more fuel to his glee, adding further to a depravity that for some reason his parents failed to see.

She took the plunge in, her body shocked from the coldness of water. The strength of the currents carrying her, she felt the vibrations from a heavy splash, rippling over her in circles of excited energy. The river flowed stronger now battling her powerful legs, legs honed in swimming, but the relentless strength of the river flow now controlling her, having her under its whim. Pulling at her, pushing at her bringing her down, down to the depths.
She'd been a fighter all her life. a fighter as a premature baby a fighter as a junior with parents loss to a fatal crash. All she knew how to do was fight, all she knew how to do was survive...

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