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Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Vibe Is Universal [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - The Vibe Is Universal [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

The Vibe Is Universal

"Where are you? I need you..."

life follows no rules. The idea of fair and unfair is lost to it. Whether man, woman or child, life throws unexpected situations. Hurdles with potentially devastating consequences. So be fluid my child when life hits hard. Be flexible. When it feels as though all is lost, and life has you grabbed by the jugular of your neck.

When he'd said those words to her as an opinionated 8-year old she'd thought him to be weird, barely grasping the deep thinking her father was renowned for having. But the confines of her tiny room brought logic to his thinking. The locks of the metallic door stood as a living testament that life was unfair. Even for a child. Just as he'd said. Her view of the world was tiny. Made even smaller when sunrise turned to sunset and the blues of the day turned to the black of night. Long shadows stretching, casting more gloom into her lonely world.
She now understood the unforgiving nature that life could wield. How hers was now just a spectacle to be monitored through the lens of a hidden camera. Her privacy intruded. Her dignity compromised. Every time she sat upon the cold steel of her only toilet, and painfully released her bowels of the fowl gruel given to her as sustenance for the day.
A rotten reminder of what its like when you're regarded as just a commodity, not as a child blessed with the creator's spark to be passed on to the world as a gift. But as a lump of flesh. Easily expendable. Easily changeable.
Just as before she was at the mercy of a dictator who cared not for the innocence of a child. Who understood not the basics of every child matters. Who cared only about obtaining power. Giving no thought to who gets crushed during the pursuit of a wicked man's dream.

It had happened before and it now was happening again. But her free thought made her hate where she was now. As before, she was just a body. An empty vessel. The pilot kidnapped from flight. But this time she knew where she was. She knew who she was and what she could do. This time she had the power to escape. It surged through her veins inwardly as heated vibrations. Her energy different to anything the world had ever seen before. But she remembered the words of her fatherand clung to his words just like how a climber clings to the side of a cliff, with full knowledge that a slip of the finger means almost certain death.
"show them nothing" he'd said. His eyes tired, but kind. Still full of warmth. Still full of fire.
She clung to the thin grey sheet stained with only God knows what. As she awaited in what they called a bed but what felt more as a slab of concrete lightly sprinkled with decaying hay.

She had no idea of the time, though considering where she'd come from. She new time to be relative. Something that could be stretched to as far as the eye could see. Or constricted to the length of a newborns finger. The possibility of distant realms no longer a pondering fantasy of an Einstein enthusiast. Some would consider her 3 years of confinement to be long, but for her, these were just fleeting moments. Points in time where evil existed more, but like all things would eventually cease to exist. A bad memory blurred until forgotten by an ever moving time. She just had to grin and bare her time of suffering as nothing lasted forever. Demons. Angels. All conceded to the might of time...

When she'd arrived back home from the realm of Briczar, all she'd wanted was to feel the loving embrace of her mother. To wipe away the years of tears she'd cried for her, and smooth back her chocolate skin that now had the beginnings of stress-related wrinkles.
The media though had been relentless in their pursuit of her. Offering her no peace. Cameras and spy bugs at every turn. As they searched for the answers to that fateful day, that had turned upside down the current understanding of the universe. And if we are truly alone in it. As the whole world had witnessed the sky turn crimson red. Sparks of purple lightning flashing the heavens with thunderous might as dark red clouds swirled about as if the time of Judgement day was at hand and a world of sinners had much to answer for.
The world watched. Remaining transfixed to their screens, as the child was pulled from the grips of her clutching mother's hands. Hearing the cry of despair as a mother lost a child to a swirling abyss and watched in shock as a father made a split second decision and took a leap of great faith, as he followed his child into the swirling abyss.
When she'd reappeared to the backdrop of a crimson red sky. The world had immediately wanted answers to where she'd been the last 3 years. World leaders wanted answers. The Pentagon took the steps required in obtaining these answers.
So that just as before she'd been taken from her mother's grasping fingers. Yet again held prisoner to dark ideologies. Ideologies that fermented on gaining power so that only one superpower could exist. One that would rule a nation. Controlling the hearts and minds of billions of lost sheep in colours of patriotism.

She heard the jingle of keys outside her door and she immediately felt anxious. She hadn't prepared her mind. So that it could find a place of tranquility, while her body was left as an empty shell to deal with the effects of a person who grew more and more impatient. Who grew weary of her stubborn resolve and so resorted to more extreme measures of obtaining what he wanted.
He entered the room with a black suit. Black gloves that stood in complete contrast to the paleness of his skin. Light and dark. Her and him. His mass taking up the majority of the small room. His granite like facial features peering down on her. As if trying to read her mind. To find out what makes her tick. What gives her the unbending resolve. She peered back at him, meeting his gaze head on, her resolve strengthening to that of one well beyond her years.

Her years on Briczar had taught her how to quell her fire. How to remain in control when inside you felt close to erupting.
She smiled at him as she thought of how much he'd squirm. If she'd burn of his arms. Piece by piece.
Her gaze was unwavering as he carried her into a standing position with surprising gentleness. Placing the noose of a thick rope around the delicate flesh of her tiny neck. He smiled as he attached the other end of the rope to a makeshift pulley attached to the ceiling. And smiled again as he pulled with his thick arms raising her higher. Higher till her little 4ft 8 frame barely grazed the floor. Higher until she was completely clear of the floor and her cute brown eyes set within the slim features of her pretty face bulged from their sockets. Her face coloured to a red hue. Thick lines of veins forming. He pulled higher with a smile.

He spoke with an elegance that clearly showed he was educated, but the base in his voice showed he was a man not to be messed with.

"You see the crazy thing about you and I. Is that on paper I should be the dominant figure. The one with all the cards at hand. To be honest." He paused. "I am the one who holds all the cards. As I'm here and you're there. Barely breathing. But" he tapped his fingers on the frame of the metallic door.
"Something keeps on telling me. Call it a premonition if you will. That somewhere, somehow you hold an ace up your sleeve. An ace your waiting for the right moment to bring out. Now what that moment is. I have no idea. But you seem to be holding on to some kind of hope. Because it's been three years and you've said not a thing. 3 years of me doing things I'm not proud of to you. But you've said nothing. You could have been with your mother ages ago. By the way..."
He gave another little smile void of any humor. "You have a beautiful mother, absolutely stunning. I personally love keeping tabs on her... But let me not get carried away." She listened in silent agony, wishing she could burn him down towards the domains of Hell's door.
He adjusted his suit with his free hand. "All we asked of you is to know where you've been in those three years. Clearly something is different with you. You've been hanging here now for 3 minutes. Any other person in the world would be dead. But you my dear, still cling to life. How is this possible?" He paused again "Have you evolved beyond the bounds of human limitations? are you, this little girl. The answer to man's long asked questions on the universe and where our place in its to be found?"

He pulled tighter watching as she squirmed in discomfort, her face blood red. Her thin white overall dress dripping with sweat from her intense battle of remaining alive.

"You cut a normal man he bleeds. We cut you, you bleed. But your blood cells go into overdrive producing more blood. Serious wounds with you are healed in just a day." His monotone was lost as he talked with excitement. "Everything about you is geared towards surviving all extremities. If we were able to study you. To understand you. The impact around the world would be profound. Billions could be like you. Be ascended versions of themselves. Walking, living, breathing" he paused looking her squarely in the eyes. "Gods."

The excitement in his eyes was lost. Coldness seeped into him, similar to how a cold winters morning pours into a home as a silent draft.

"But you choose to remain silent. Unwilling to cooperate with the greater path laid out for all mankind. You choose to be a selfish little girl." He pulled tighter on the rope his arms a splatter of thick veins. The action causing her to pee on herself involuntary. Her system functions working in overdrive to remain alive while in the clutches of a madman.

"They say he who knows better does better. But in your case, I'm just not sure if this applies. As obviously you know that if your talents were shared with the world lives would be transformed. Poverty, hunger, violence completely eradicated. As we'd have the strength to unify all. World peace would finally be achievable. Imagine Michelle a world where everyone in it, co-existed peacefully.

She said nothing.Her Father had already warned her of the lie's of man and even if she'd had wanted to talk her voice chords were crushed. The task of using her fingers to pull at the rope ever tightening around the flesh of her slender neck becoming more impossible. The lack of oxygen, slowing down even her special talents of surviving fatal situations. Blood hungry for oxygen, pumped around the same sustenance that had already been drained of its essentials. So that all that remained was a sludge that slowly poisoned her. Replacing the higher energies she'd been blessed with.

More and more as her body weakened of its heightened spirit she felt the effects of her hanging. She felt how heavy her legs felt. How suffocated she felt as the rope dug tighter into her neck. Her fingers falling loosely by her side. No longer under her control.
She cried to him for what felt like the millionth time. She cried with all her heart. With all her soul. Hoping that it would travel beyond just her mind. Would travel through the vastness of space. Through the restrictions of time itself and would land as a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach of the intended recipient.
She cried as she knew she really was dying this time. She was powerless to stop it now. Now she was back to being just a little girl with other world experiences. Experiences that were soon to vanish with her dying body. She didn't want to die as there was so much she wanted to do. To be a doctor. To be an astronaut. To be a scientist. But all of that was now a dying dream, fading just as how she was fading...

"The vibe is universal... It travels through all things."

She wasn't sure if what she heard was from the land of the living or from the land of the dead... But with great effort, she forced open cold eyes. Feeling the sensation. The universal vibration. As he stepped one foot down and the very earth shook to his resolution. If she could have seen she would have seen the sky turn red. Felt a sudden heatwave gripping the world from his arrival.
With a final breath, she called Daddy and with a final breath, she knew that things would never be the same again...

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