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Daily Creative Writing Practice - What Goes Around Comes Around [Short Story]

Daily Creative Writing Practice - What Goes Around Comes Around [Short Story]

My daily practice of bringing depth to simple sentences...

What Goes Around Comes Around

He sunk back deeper into the ripped leather of his black sofa. Every mark on it was it's own story showcasing his own trials and tribulations of being dragged up through life, the hard knock way. His missing front tooth and the small scar located just under his right eye was further testimony to this.
They use to call him 3 knocks as in his younger days of being a wild youth he was known to knock out anybody within 3 punches of throwing his fists. 18 stone men, 20 stone men or even 9 stone men they all would meet the same fate. Though his tag name changed as he advanced from fists onto long knives with serrated edges. His knew found discipline of knife play had him doing many spells in young offenders institutes progressing on to adult institutes for multiple stabbings. So soon the 3 of knocks turned to free knocks.
At the time he use to relish in the glamour that his name bought, the street love that he thought he had back than only helped further his recklessness of going through the same system which hundreds of years back was used as a perfect system of enslaving his ancestors. In his case it seemed like the indoctrination of enslavement ran fiercely through his blood, as for a long spell of his life every summer with out fail he'd be at the royal holiday camp of her majesty, working weekly back breaking shifts for a minimum of £3 something a week.

He let out a Ha but it had no humor to it, if it was able to be analysed like under a microscope the only thing they'd find was guilt. Guilt in its purest form, guilt that had been left to fester for the longest time under the worse or best conditions depending on how you considered it. As he knew that he was the reason for the current continued cycle of a fucked up system which seemed to effect only the most vulnerable. As he was the reason for the dilemma he now found his own 15 year old son in.
Whoever came up with the saying of the apple not falling far from the tree, was a person with great insight as sitting there in retrospect he could see all the massive mistakes he'd made. Every time he'd been out chasing bad money instead of being home to help change the nappies. Or every time he'd spend in the arms of another instead of reading bed time stories and tucking his son in with a kiss. Each time he'd spend locked down in jail cells, thinking only of when he's free and how he'll make the change. As he knew his son visiting him in prison was no good.
Each one of these things leading to the very real situation his son now faced of being caught up in the whirl wind of that lifestyle that was so detrimental to the mind. To the soul and to the greater community.
The only person he could blame was himself, he took a sip of dark brandy chilled by a cube of ice, but it did nothing to subside his fears.

The last conversation he'd had with his son Robert or Risky as he was now known on the roads had been explosive. As he had been shouting at him to come home and to not be a part of the fuckeries that had consumed his own life. His son though was beyond hearing telling him to mind his own business as he'd never been interested in his life before. He'd reacted in stupid anger, calling him an ungrateful child with little to no respect. He'd called him a follower with not enough heart to be on these streets. Of not enough wisdom to be on these roads. But it was one push too far, as Robert simply replied "the times I needed you, you was an absent father. Don't try being a father now, it's too late I'm gone country and there's nothing you can do about it."
That was the last time he'd talked with his now missing son of 2 weeks. He sunk back deeper into the leather of the ripped chair, where each rip represented a point in time. Letting quiet tears flow from closed eye lids as he truly understood that what goes around comes around and the sins of a father soon become the sins of the child.

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