written by David Anglin

I'm Not Scared Of My Shadow

I'm Not Scared Of My Shadow

Art History

 "I'm not scared of my shadow, my shadow should be scared of me"

Walking back from the gym one evening, my friend and I had a profound discussion on martial arts and how it helped shape us into the men we'd become. (Respect due to Grand Master Codner.)

My friend being older than me reflected on his younger days as a hardened street legend known for zero tolerance, and how many of his peers had started of like him. But with time many became a shadow of their former selves as they'd get comfortable, letting themselves go. Losing the discipline that gave them the edge, instead becoming docile. Walking around scared, scared of their own shadow. Scared to live. Scared to be.

"That's why I'll never stop training" he told me "as I need to maintain my edge, as I'm not trying to walk around being scared of my own shadow, my shadow should be scared of me." The gravel base of his voice and the piercing look he gave, let me know he fully believed this.

Though this was said to me many years ago, the words left a mark on me. Not in terms of encouraging me to be a horrible bastard, but as a reminder that in life you need to maintain your edge. You need to maintain the fire that burns at the core of your being, because the minute you lose it, is the minute you lose yourself. So shine bright and warn of your shadow...

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