written by David Anglin

Jerry - Snippet 2

Jerry - Snippet 2

Jerry Snippet 2

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Cool air breezed past the open windows of the red Volkswagen Touran as heat from the perfect summer's day gently warmed the driver and passenger. Ladies with perfectly manicured nails and flowing long hair laughed heartedly as they strolled idly swapping gossip of adulterous affairs. The backdrop of lush green trees
along the thin pavement let you know you’d entered the affluent part of Chigwell.

The occupants of the car took in the surrounding mansions with their white doors and massive Roman pillars. Each one featuring a driveway that could hold at least 5 cars while sprawling palm trees and exotic flowers decorated immaculate lawns in a colourful display. Parked in front were Range Rovers, Mercedes, Porches and the rarer Bentley's and Lamborghini's.

It was easy to imagine these being the homes of the notorious, or the rich and famous. But the truth was less glamorous, the occupants were normal businessmen and women who had worked extremely hard.

Darren liked to change up the scenery of his sessions as he knew that being in the same one room would lead to boredom and the repeated question:

“Can we finish early?”

Experience had shown Darren that scenic environments were not only visually stimulating but from it you could start more personal conversations. As the surroundings rolled by Darren broke the silence.

“Do you think money is the root to all evil?”

“Hmmm,” Jerry closed his eyes in contemplation, sinking deeper into the black fabric of the seat.
“You know what, yeah. It’s important, but it makes people do a madness. Like right now. I know mandem sitting down for years because they tried to make money.”

“Uh-huh,” Darren listened.

“Yeah. I reckon it is the root of all evil as it has mandem out here doing a madness. Because you can’t be broke.”

“You know what,” said Darren. “I’ve been thinking about that question for a long time. The more I think about it the more I think it's not money that's the root of all evil. People are.”

Jerry pondered on Darren’s words for a moment, before responding, “But money will make a man do a madness, bang all out.”

“Yeah, that’s true. But I think it’s the person’s nature that causes that. If there was no money in the world, I believe people would still do a madness, just for something different; Money hasn’t always been around but people have always committed bad deeds for anything of value. I think it’s closer to what my cousin was saying the other day: “Bad money breeds bad behaviour.”
There was a moment of silence as the two were left in their thoughts.

“All I know is that I have to have money,” said Jerry. “Being broke you’re looked at as a joke, man, and I ain’t no joke. Believe I’m an official banger!”

Darren shook his head giving a half grin. “ I don’t know how you managed to add being an official banger into our line of convo.” He rolled his eyes as he said this, making Jerry laugh.

Darren continued, “I just think with the amount of brains you have and that go-getter mentality you could set up your own business and be extremely successful. Paying taxes means you can live a trouble-free life.”

“Fuck that!” Jerry narrowed his eyes. “Why pay taxes to the government?They want a cut out of everything. Listen, all I need to do is sit in the trap and earn tax-free.”

“True but I think that’s a lot of pressure.”

“What pressure? There ain’t no pressure. I sit down in the trap with a couple of the mandem. Play Xbox. Step out the trap for a couple minutes. Earn about £1200 every week! What’s hard about that? You work harder than me for less bread having to deal with facety youts that’ll chat sh*t to you!”

“OK, so you earn all that money, then what?”

“Then I live life. Have a bad b*tch. A whip, s-class sumthing. Own yard. Living life right. Belly full!” Jerry rubbed his hands together with a smile as a thought on his grand aspirations.

“But all of that has to be maintained.”

“So I’ll just keep on stacking till I hit 100 grand!”

“But you’ll still need to make more just to maintain, and what? You think people will see you eating good and won’t try something?”
Jerry gave Darren a look of mock disgust as he looked him squarely in the eyes.

“I’m official. There is no robbing me. If anyone does the robbing. It’s me!”

Darren shook his head. “You know though, a lot of the times it comes from the places you least suspect. Those closest to you. In fact, let me tell you a story that a youth told me. From guys he was locked in jail with. Like you, he was… respected let’s say. But the 4 years he did gave him a different perspective. As he came out a lot more humble.
So from what the young person told me this happened around south sides.” Darren rolled his eyes with a grin. “It’s always south sides, you lot need to ease up!”

Jerry laughed.

“So, anyhow there was this youth who was making a lot of money on road. Sounded like his father was into badness too. From what I was told they had a nice house, with very nice stuff in it. Anyhow, the guy’s friends must have been noticing this. And yeah, they started plotting on him!”

One night when they knew the guy’s dad was away on holiday they turned up at his house and obviously the guy and them were friends so he lets them in. To join him and his girlfriend in smoking weed, or whatever else they were doing.”

Darren paused for a moment as he remembered what was told to him. “And, yeah, they took the piss.”
“Why, what happened?” The curiosity on Jerry’s face was clear to see.

“So they started beating up the boy, demanding money, and other bits from him. They even started hitting the girl. And then this is where things went mad. They forced the guy to order food, Chinese or something. They took a few bites of the food but after…” Darren paused, shaking his head as he recounted the horror that was told to him. He instantly felt sick...



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