written by David Anglin

Jerry - Snippet 3

Jerry - Snippet 3

Jerry Snippet 2

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“I remember growing up with some friends whose parents used class A drugs; it was quite normal at the time. I remember one of my friends living with his parents but his Dad use to smoke crack. He’d always come into school either angry or miserable because of the antics of his dad. Either stealing money from him, taking his stuff and selling it, or beating him or his mother…”

“What? His dad sold his own son’s stuff? That’s a violation. I would a wild out on my dad. Tell him to bring my stuff back quick. You can’t trust them nitties.”

“Yeah but remember it’s your dad. Its not easy to just wild out on your own dad, especially if you know he gets mad violent. Especially if you know he uses whatever he can get his hands on to beat both you and your mother with. Imagine seeing a massive man towering over you. His eyes wide open, sweating profusely from smoking rocks. Now imagine seeing this guy standing over your bleeding mother. As a child you’re going to be scared.”

“If he put his hands on my mother I would stab him. I swear to God.”

“But then where does that leave you? Both you and the father will end up in jail, leaving your mother by herself?”

“I wouldn’t care. Nobody touches my mother.”

“Well, as I said hard drugs ruin not only communities, they ruin families too. Lots of people walking around still suffering the effects of witnessing those kind of things as children.”

Jerry looked thoughtful. “Did anything like that ever happen to you?”

Darren sat back, monetarily lost in thought. Sitting forward again he moved his queen forward and took away Jerry’s pawn. Looking Jerry in the eyes he replied, “Like I said, I’ve never been into smoking as I know the effects it can have on a person. Checkmate.”

Jerry looked down at the chessboard wondering how he had lost the game in so few moves.

There was a long silence as the two were left in their own worlds.

“I don’t know who my father is,” pondered Jerry. “I remember as a yout when I'd ask my mum about who dad was she’d get angry, then barely talk to me. So I just knew not to ask no more. I’m not gonna lie though, certain times I wonder what he’s like. But then I think, if he ain’t trying to be in my life, then fuck him! And it don’t even look like no one likes him. Cos even when I ask my Gran about him, and she has an opinion on everyone,
she just changes the subject.”

“Who knows,” said Darren. “I’m sure they must have a reason for not saying anything yet. But I’m sure, when the time's right, you’ll find out. Maybe right now it just ain’t best for you to know. But how does your dad not being around make you feel?”

“You know what, yeah, for a long time, I’ve felt like I’m the reason my dad ain’t around. I dunno. It’s just a feeling I have. Like I’ve noticed nuff of my family don’t really deal with me like that. Can’t even look me in my eye. Only time I hear from them. Is when they want something or want badman Jerry to sort out their fuck ups!”



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