written by David Anglin

Jerry Snippet 4

Jerry Snippet 4

Jerry Snippet 4

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“So what happened?” Darren asked
“I got caught slipping by the opps and they put in work.”
“Looks like they put in more than just work. From the sound and looks of it you’re lucky to be alive.”
“It’s just a part of road.”
“So what you plan on doing?”
“You know what I plan on doing.” Jerry looked at him coldly.
“You do know you’re lucky to even be out on road? Right now, all you should be doing is keeping your head down.”
“Keeping my head down! Dem man try violate, what am I, a dickhead!?”
“No-one is calling you a dickhead. But right now you have a lot more to lose than just your pride. And just so you know, anything you do, the police are watching. I’ll tell you again, you’re lucky to be out!”
“ Fuck feds man, telling me about feds. Every day since I’ve been out I see them outside my yard. Certain times they even knock my door. Telling me they’re watching me!”
“ Yeah, it’s their way of keeping you in check, I suppose. And letting you know you’re being monitored. You know you’re on a level 2 MAPPA. For the life you’re trying to lead, this is all part of it!”
“ What for feds to harass me?!”
“Listen, right or wrong, all I’m saying is, this comes with the lifestyle you’re trying to live.”
Jerry was silent.
Seeing he was getting nothing from Jerry, Darren continued “ You have a child on the way, right?”
“Hmmm,” Jerry mumbled.
“Don’t you think they deserve for you to be a part of their life?”
“Well, I’m here right now. And even if I’m gone they’ll get used to it. I’ll just make sure I have a stack for them when they’re growing up.”
“A stack for them! What’s that going to do?”
“Gives them the things they need. So they’re comfortable, innit.”
“Jerry, a child needs their father.”
“Well, I ain’t had no father and I’m still out here doing fine!”



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