written by David Anglin

Jerry Snippet 5

Jerry Snippet 5

Jerry Snippet 5

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The strain of the last few days was clear to see on Jerry's face, permanent lines from constantly frowning formed across his forehead. Though still young, it was clear that life was starting to age him well before his time.

Darren thought how strange it was that so much could change in just a week. How at one moment you could be at your happiest but then tragedy could suddenly strike, bringing with it a downpour of gloom that seemingly enveloped your whole life in despair and hopelessness. Having you quickly forget about any prior happy times.

It was hard to believe that at the beginning of the week Jerry had been bouncing around smiling. Swaggering into the office as he’d requested to see Darren. Where he'd slammed a business card down. On inspecting it, Darren saw that it was for Jerry’s hat designs. Not only did the card have contact details, it also had a website address.

Without a word Darren had gone online and checked out the website. He was impressed. Images of hats of different colours and sizes
all featuring the same design of a majestic looking Eagle capturing its prey.

Darren had looked over at Jerry and had to give him the nod of approval. All Darren had done was give Jerry the contact details of a friend of his who had a print and branding business. Jerry, on his own initiative, had reached out. Now in the space of a week Jerry had something that would not only positively impact him but that of his unborn child too.

It was crazy to think how far Jerry had come in the space of six months. How much he’d achieved. How much he’d done…

But, now, the Jerry that sat in front of him, the hardened street youth, this was the old Jerry. The Jerry that didn’t care about anything. The Jerry that felt unloved growing-up. Unloved from his mother, unwanted from his father. The black sheep of society.

Darren knew that the positive future that Jerry had worked so hard to create was quickly slipping away.

Jerry was sitting on the black fabric chair in deep contemplation. His every deep breath seeming to echo off the walls until Jerry broke the silence.

“You ever see a man die?”

“No,” said Darren.

“I have… and it’s not something you ever forget.”

Darren said nothing, he simply gave Jerry the room to talk when he was ready. The silence in the room was deafening. Each tick from the clock on the wall seemingly magnified into a deafening sound that vibrated throughout the small box room.

“One of my friends died in my arms. Big Knocks… he was proper mandem!”

Silence again.

“It should have been me!” The trouble and pain in Jerry's voice was clear to hear. “I just went up the road. To earn a quick fifty… I was less than five minutes.” He took a long pause. “When I came back I see them dickheads standing over him. I ran at them. I...”

Jerry monetarily stopped.

Darren, however, had a good idea of what had happened as he’d heard about the incident through police reports: the stabbing of a young male, shortly followed by the firing of a handgun. There was speculation that Jerry was the shooter. But there was no solid evidence.

Jerry said,
“Them dickheads ran off. Supposed to be mandem, Riding for each other. But none of them held him down… and when I get to him. He’s barely fucking breathing. I take him in my arms. I’m telling him to just breathe. I’ve got you… and… he faces me, looks me in my eye and gives a half smile…”

This is the last from the snippets from my book Jerry to find out what happens you can buy the ebook for just 99p ;) please click here



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