25 Jan 2019
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How can you claim to be connected to the universe when you're not even connecting outside with nature. As to understand nature is to realise that the universe is nature, but just on a much gran...

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Figure drawing practice of a hippopotamus in the Natural History Museum by Elisha Anglin

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The mirror always has and always will be an accurate reflection of what we are. You can tell a million and one lies to the world and their friend, but in the mirror, all that's ever reflected b...

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My practice of bringing depth to simple sentences... He looked over at her, from across his side of their double bed. The gap between them felt vast, as if they were worlds from each other, she i...

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My practice of bringing depth to simple sentences... God Seed They say the mirror is a true reflection of you. Then I'm a true reflection of eternal light, gifted from a father, who's thoug...

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About The Writer

I've spent close to 10 years working with some of London's most extreme young offenders. Working with them tirelessly in trying to create real opportunities for them, while trying to bring stability to the chaos that can be their world at times. I don't even call this work, as this is something I love doing, and thankfully my passion for it has helped many of these young people into much brighter circumstances.
If you'd like for me to give a talk to your class in regards to the issues that surround these young people or require consultancy for dealing with these young people then please feel free to get in contact.

You can also buy my ebook Jerry for just 99p which gives an in-depth and thought provoking look into the chaos that can surround the lives of some young offenders please click here. Or to support my 4TY project where we work creatively with these young people using music please click here

Much Appreciations

David Anglin

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Speaking Presentations

UCL University Of London - Institute Of Education February 2019

Course entitled Criminal Journeys: The Individual and the Environment run by Prof Jane Hurry and Dr David Maguire. I Gave an in depth talk to students on the issues surrounding young people involved in crime.

Publications In Media 

Made In Shoreditch Magazine 2018

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My daughter practicing to create fine art through watching Bob Ross tutorials. At the time of this painting she was 9. Canvas art for sale please click below or here

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My practice of bringing depth to simple sentences... He pulled the small lever that sent the drill into reverse and allowed him to smoothly pull the drill bit from out the centuries-old wall. Whi...

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Bringing light to creative artists from around the globe Created by Nicoleta Stavarache for more of there work please click here

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My practice of bringing depth to simple sentences... Everything around him seemed to slow down as if time itself had bent to the rulesof this newly discovered place. A sacred clearing of light wi...

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Bringing light to creative artists from around the globe Words from the Artist The moral dilemma I chose is the dilemma of religious texts, which sometimes contradict each other. While all religi...

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This beautiful crafted freestanding copper lamp was designed and created by my personal friend and fine arts craftsman Ricky Douglas who graduated with a fine arts diploma well over a decade ago. ...

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Words and Art. Art and words. My stories will make you laugh, will make you cry. Provoke anger, cause distress. But most importantly my tales will get you thinking in hopes of bringing around real change...?

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