written by David Anglin

Short Stories - Demons

Short Stories - Demons

It’s crazy he just spent a big £50 on me, little old me, he knows he can’t really afford me and he knows I ain’t the purest. But here I am wrapped in plastic. Snuggled lovingly in his hands.
How dare his wife look at us like that, she never did understand him the way I do. Could never make him feel the way I do. That’s why he constantly comes back. Time after time after time. Hit after hit.
I bet she wished she could arouse him like how I do, make him feel big and mighty like how I do. As I know just how to touch him, just how to caress him.

Burn me baby. Inhale and take another hit

Smack! Yeah hit her again! getting in the way of what we share. She knows I’m his new lover, a not so secret affair. She might as well get use to me, as there’s now four of us in the house. Him, her, little Daniel and me.
Must be tough though for Daniel, seeing how I make his father act, all sweaty and wild eyed from the passion we share. When he inhales my aromas and I take his senses along a toxic induced journey. But he'll get use to it, because you see what we have. Is more than love. Its passion. Infatuation. The type of love that really kills softly.
So who are they? to get in our way.

Don't talk. Don't think. Just inhale and hit.

Its alright take it. She probably won't even notice the missing £30. Besides what's a wife for? She's suppose to share with you, show she cares. Whats a beating or two. If it brings me closer to you.
Besides I'm nearly finished... all used up. You don't want our fun to stop? Na you don't want to do that. It's like we only just began but in the short time look at the amount of fun. I feel your pulse racing. I see your chest heaving. Your synapses firing. Your senses peaking. And you want all of that to stop! Because you feel bad for your wife? A let down to your son?

Don't think just imagine the next hit

So what if they leave? So what if they move? You'll always have me. I'm just a call away

Addictions come in many forms



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