written by David Anglin

Short Stories - Lil Man

Short Stories - Lil Man


Little me is little you.
You see everything I do is what you use to do. To be honest what you still do.
I see the whole wide world based on how you do. So I react to it. Such as you do. But with a little more flair.
You see when I was inside of you, hearing what you hear. Feeling what you touch.
I grew to know that little old me has to depend on big old you. I learnt when I'm angry and frustrated. To lash out in violent bursts of shouted words, of screaming tonsils. Of bruised fists used to hit even more bruised lips.
So when I dropped, 9 months later. I was ready for the world. Well the world you prepared for me.
You scream, I scream louder.
You hit, I hit harder.
You could never deny that i'm not your child. As everything that I do, is what you do.
But now you get upset. Now you complain.
That I'm too rude. That I'm too violent. That I don't listen. That I have no respect.
But how can you be mad, as i simply do what you taught me to do.



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