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Bespoke Free Standing Copper Lamp By Fine Artist Rick Douglas

Bespoke Free Standing Copper Lamp By Fine Artist Rick Douglas

This beautiful crafted freestanding copper lamp was designed and created by my personal friend and fine arts craftsman Ricky Douglas who graduated with a fine arts diploma well over a decade ago.

When he showed me this piece I asked him where did the inspiration for it come from, he told me that the concept for it originated through the growth of trees and how as they grow longer their roots grow wider as to support the great weight that they'll eventually carry. "A strong foundation is the key to life." He added that last part with a grin as he told me to leave his workshop. :D

The key thing that you'll notice with work created by my friend is that he's a true craftsman in the fact that he'll work tirelessly on one piece making sure that whats created will stand the test of time in originality and durability. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master anything, well if that's the case than with his intimate knowledge of the arts and having practical experience of working in plumbing he'll be able to create copper pieces that add elegant and creative decorative touches to any room within any house

If you'd like to have created your own piece of copper art than please feel free to contact us via info@davidanglin.co.uk

Alternatively, I would recommend having a look at some of his other copper pieces by clicking here



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